We Have Arrived!

August 29th, 2015 Posted by South Africa Photography Project No Comment yet

Hello all and welcome to my study/volunteer abroad blog! As many of you may know I have chosen to partake in two separate service projects, one being in South Africa and the other being in Thailand. My purpose for doing this is to further understand and expose myself to parts of the world that I have not had the opportunity to visit, as well as put myself into new cultures in which I can affect change. And here I am! I have finally arrived in Port Elizabeth, South Africa! I am preparing to meet the volunteer group I will be working with, as well as a professional photographer who is the program director. His name is Remy Whiting and he is a professional photographer who has partnered with Changing-Worlds in order to create the photography program that I will be volunteering with! The goal of this program is to teach young South African children how to use film and digital cameras. By using photography as a forum, our hopes are to mentor these children in their lives, while also giving them the skills to photograph and document their lives. As I am set to begin this incredible project, I can only hope that my work will affect someone in a positive way. I would hope to leave a lasting impact on a least one persons life, yet any change that I can make is what I have come here to do. Here is new opportunities and to a new world!

A First South African Sunset!


A Glipse into the South Ocean!