The Thai Orphanage

October 23rd, 2015 Posted by Thailand Orphanage Project No Comment yet

A Thai Orphanage is nothing short of special, and this Thai Orphanage is really incredible. 270 children from the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand have come to numerous orphanages in the middle of the country for many reasons. These can consist families not having enough money to support the child, death of parents, of a child being born into a family that has left them. My first impressions of the orphanage are the vibrance and happiness of the children and their environment. I know I discussed this when I was in South Africa, however, a different type of feeling that I have felt since being here.

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Most of the children have been put into the orphanage at the age of 4, but for those that came later in their lives (up to 11 years old), there is still a faint memory of the parents they may have at home. Our in-country coordinator, Pwan tells us that it is often that many of the children become upset at times, missing their parents, siblings, or for a number of reasons that children in orphanages can become upset for. Some of the children are incredibly shy, some are excited to give you a high-five or a fist bump, and some just keep to themselves. I still have three more amazing weeks with these children so there will be plenty to come, however what I can say is that this orphanage is a unique place. I am not sure why yet, but I am sure I will find out soon. This coming week I am off to the north of Thailand to volunteer in schools, learn about rice farming, and see the northern city of Chiang Mai! I will then be returning for 3 weeks at this same orphanage where we will continue our work!