An African Safari

September 20th, 2015 Posted by South Africa Photography Project No Comment yet

This weekend was safari weekend in South Africa! What an incredible experience to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

We first saw one of the most interesting animals (in my opinion) on earth, the Ostrich! Interestingly enough male Ostriches are black and females are grey…. any thoughts on why?

Male Ostritch

The males are black because they sit on the eggs during the night and their bodies blend in better during the night. However during the days, the females sit on the eggs and their grey feathers disguise them amongst the gray and green South African Landscape during the day! Evolution at it’s finest.

Next stop was the mammal that causes the most deaths per year of any mammal in the entire world. The fierce, intimidating, and mildly fat, the Hippopotamus!


These nocturnal animals spend most of their days sleeping, while they eat and travel during the night. Contrary to popular belief Hippos cannot actually swim, but because of their huge mass they sink to the bottom of rivers and walk across the riverbeds. It is said that if you see a Hippo open its mouth, this could be one of the last things you see.

Next up, South Africans National Animal… the Springbuck!

Spring Buck

These are simply a beautiful animal with their multicolored fur coats. A fine fine national animal. Fast, Agile, and good looking… remind you of anyone?

Following the SpringBuck are its close cousin the Waterbuck!

The Water Buck

The horns on these animals are incredible. Let them grow and they look like something you would see in a museum. An impressive looking headpiece.

Next we have the members of the Big Five! The Big Five (including the Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, and Leopard) are considered to be the five most difficult African animals to hunt by foot. Here are the members of the Big Five, excluding the African Leopard, since we did not see this on our Safari.

The African Elephant

Elephant 2

Believe it or not, adult Elephants only sleep about one hour each day, which may be because they need to eat between 140-160 pounds of food a day in order to maintain their body weight! What a life.

Elephant 3

The Bull (male) are the largest Elephants. Just a massive animal.


Soon after seeing the massive Elephants, we soon found this jurassic looking animal, the Rhino.

Black Rhinos!

Quite possibly the most fascinating member of the Big Five, the Rhino really does look like a dinosaur. This is the Black Rhino, which is more rare, and smaller than the White Rhino.

This animal was also a sight to be seen. The African Buffalo is a cow on steroids.

Sunny Buffalo

The last of the Big Five, but not least, we have the king of the jungle. The African Lion. The male was not awake when we stumbled upon the lions, but here you can see one of the female lions.

South African Lion

Meanwhile, towering over the other jungle animals. The Giraffe!


Finishing off the safari we have the Cheetah!


Thats a scary cat.